N.J. Diamonds Services

Our Services Include

Expert jewelry repair: Jewelry repaired by our gold smith in-store 3 day turn around time.

Free Ring Sizing: When you buy your ring with us we offer *free ring sizing.

Setting the Diamond at No Charge to You: When you buy your diamond and diamond engagement ring setting with us we set your diamond at no charge.

Free Gift Packaging: No need to worry about the gift bag, or tissue paper we do all that for you.

Jewelry Appraisal: Our jewelry appraiser is on site, and GIA Certified, gemstone identification, laboratory report analysis, all the gemological equipment needed to check, and appraise your jewelry all of this with 13 years experience.

Free Jewelry Appraisal: Your diamond jewelry purchase has an appraisal included. This may not seem like a lot, but a professional appraisal can cost anywhere from 150.00 to 200.00, and appraisal’s are needed if you want to add your jewelry to your  insurance.

Engraving: Engraving is not done same day.

Gift Cards: Not sure what to get you can take advantage of you gift cards you decide how much you would like to give.

Layaway: Need to budget no problem you can use our convenient layaway program have the diamond jewelry paid for in full by the time you need it.  Interest free, if you are tired of paying on that credit card why not try layaway you can pay for in weekly or monthly payments  you decide with out the finance charge of a credit card.

 Non-Commissioned Salespeople: Our sales associates don’t work for commission.

Imagine, and Create.

For a gift of jewelry that is truly unique, and special, consider a custom creation by our skilled N.J. Diamonds artisan. We’ve created hundreds of one-of-a-kind pieces. Don’t discount the potential of custom crafted jewelry, where the creativity  limited only by your imagination. Our staff is eager to help you create that unique piece of jewelry that will truly be your very own.

GIA Diamond Grader on site.

What You Won’t Find At N.J. Diamonds

You won’t find add-on-fees. Many jewelers charge for setting the diamond, sizing the ring, and have their own maintenance agreements.

At N.J. Diamonds we set the diamond on any setting bought from us. *We size the ring at no charge to you. You will not have to buy a maintenance plan with us. *We maintain the diamond engagement ring for free for life.



*first two sizes up or down done for free.

*maintaining the ring includes, checking the ring for any potential problems, tightening stones, polish, clean.  once every 4 months only.



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