Soap Scum is not Just in Your Showers.

It’s very simple if you have a shower then you must know what soap scum looks like.  Well soap on your gem stones is no different, we under stand that you don’t want to take off your new piece of jewelry.  Sorry to say if you are using soap take it off. Rings might be the worst for soap scum build up.  With time you see your gem stone jewelry just isn’t as shiny as it once was.  Well look between the stones and you can see the build up not just gems. Your bracelets, chains, and so on will have soap scum if you were them in the shower. Don’t forget about Lotion this is another enemy of jewelry it gets every where when you use lotion take off the gems lotion up and put them back on.  Every jewelry store should be able to clean your jewelry in their machine only takes a few minutes to do it.

Trust me your jewelry will thank you


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