Buying Your Diamond Online Do You Know What Your Buying?

An Internet site maybe selling you a diamond that they’ve never seen. Never physical touched the stone.  Never looked at it under a jewelers loup. You go to a websites that seems to have an endless supply of diamonds. Would it surprise you to know most of these diamonds are not in their possession.  Some Internet jewelry sites never even see the diamond they are selling you.  They tell you the diamond has a diamond certificate, but have they seen that diamond certificate?

You might notice while going from site to site that you are finding the same list of diamonds. This happens because a diamond dealer is putting their supply list on many sites. That site doesn’t have the diamonds they have a list of diamonds supplied to them from the diamond dealer. In this case they have not looked at the stone you are buying from them.

When you click on the stone you want they call the diamond supplier and it’s shipped to them and then set on the ring. They might have the mounting you’ve chosen shipping along with the diamond to an off site diamond setter who then ships it off to you. Asking the question, when if ever does someone from that company see the stone, the mounting and the finished product.

There are many very good jewelry sites on the Internet to be sure. However I would recommend before you buy from any site take a look at their reviews. You can find out a lot about a jewelry store from what their customers are saying. If the site is saying the diamond has a certificate, make sure you can see it before you buy. Find out about return policies, and repairs before you buy.


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